sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2011

Update Dead Island 1.3.0

E ae Tudo Bem?

O Update 1.3.0 do DI,Já Saiu Faz um Tempo Para o PC e Por Enquanto nada Para os Consoles.

Enquanto não Chega a Atualização,Pelo Menos Podemos ver o Changelog.

1) Gameplay improvements:
Level cap raised to 60
New blueprints for weapon mods added
Infected damage reduced
Infected no longer interrupt player attacks
� A series of improvements to subsequent playthroughs implemented:
o quest XP rewards adjusted
o XP rewards for challenges adjusted
o in subsequent playthroughs XP is awarded for all quests completed in co-op
� Purna�s ammo carrying capacity increased by 50%
� Character state from a save game can now be loaded when using the Start from Chapter option
� New balancing option added: enemy levels can now be adjusted independently for each co-op player
� Players respawn with more health
� Lock pick skill level required to open a lock is now clearly indicated
� Improved rewards in weapon crates
� All weapon crates now contain rewards

2) Fixes and interface improvements
� Fix: players are no longer left without a weapon after dropping the equipped item and healing with a medkit.
� Fix: equipped items no longer swap mysteriously after drinking an energy drink
� Tweak: healing with medkits from inventory works better, makes smarter choices of medkits
� Fix: loot from dead enemies is now always identical for all co-op players
� Fix: Purna no longer finishes her Fury with fists equipped
� Fix: map tracking after death
� Fix: zone info in the quarantine zone (City of Moresby)
� Tweak: respawn point selection is now smarter

3) General
� Improved stability and network performance in co-op
� V-sync option added
� Quest and reward fixes implemented

A Melhor Noticia,Foi o Balanceamento dos Infectados.

Os Caras Tem Fogo no ... Eles Chegam Que Nem Doidos Arrancando Toda a Sua Vida e Ainda Por Cima Param seu Ataque.

Para se Ter uma Ideia,Estou com 51% do Jogo e Nunca Morri Para Aquele Cara na Camisa de Força,Em Compensação Já Devo Ter Morrido Umas 20x pelo Menos de Infectado.

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